Benefits of private English tutoring

Whether you love it or hate it, English is a key part of our national curriculum, and its importance can’t be ignored. Having a good command and understanding of English is crucial to many parts of life, meaning no one can afford to miss out on learning English. However, some students will find it easier to learn than others, which is where having a private GCSE English tutor comes in.

One to one learning with an experienced and qualified tutor ensures personalised support is given to any student who needs help keeping up in their English lessons, develop their learning and skills, and achieve their full potential in their exams. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the main benefits of having private tutors for English to help you decide whether your child needs some extra support ahead of their GCSEs.

Personalised learning

One of the main benefits of online GCSE tutoring is the ‘private’ aspect of the teaching. This means that students are taught on a one-to-one basis with an English tutor who can get to know them individually and adapt their teaching style to suit the needs and goals of the student with a personalised programme of learning, which simply couldn’t be done in a normal school classroom.

Tutors can use their initial sessions with their new student to assess their strengths and weaknesses and talk about their learning goals to develop a tailored learning programme which is designed to meet their specific needs. Additionally, another benefit of a personalised teaching English programme is pace. Sometimes in classrooms, students can get left behind if the teacher is moving too fast through the syllabus, this would never happen in private tutoring sessions.

An online English tutor is committed to only one student at a time, meaning they can go at the student’s pace, and they won’t move on until they feel confident that the student clearly understands that aspect of the course. This creates a safe and comfortable learning environment where the student doesn’t feel any pressure or stress in trying to keep up, and they have the freedom to take their time and ask questions to better understand anything they’re struggling with.

Improving everyday English skills

English, along with maths and science, is a core subject taught in every school. This is because having a basic understanding of each of these subjects helps students to gain the skills to apply their knowledge and make sense of the world around them as well as using them in the future when they enter adulthood. Learning English from a qualified teacher is especially important as it incorporates so many things that are part of daily life, from writing an email to reading a magazine.

Reading and comprehension skills are key when it comes to sitting exams and eventually entering the working world, as they will be needed at some point no matter the situation. Getting extra support from a GCSE English teacher could make all the difference in their academic success and paving the way for their future.

Keeping up with the class

One of the most common reasons parents look to get private, online English tuition for their child is to help them avoid being left behind at school in a subject they find difficult. A common occurrence in schools, due to the nature of them, children miss out on the support they need in order to keep up with their friends and classmates.

This is not necessarily the fault of the school or teacher but having academic support alongside their school classes can be a massive help to those who don’t learn at the same pace as others. Some children simply respond better to different styles of teaching than the approach taken in schools. So, hiring a one to one, online English tutor is the best way to make sure they get the exact help they need that suits their learning preferences.

Achieve exam success

Another common reason people decide to get online English lessons is for GCSE exams. Getting a good grade in GCSE English language and literature is important for students to take the next steps in their lives in completing their A-levels and beyond.

With so much riding on English exams, parents sometimes wonder if the hours of school teaching is enough to make sure their child is ready. If you think your child needs further support with English, our professional and experienced tutors can help them unlock their potential and achieve the best grade possible.

How a private online English tutor can help your child

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for online tutoring has sky-rocketed, with more and more parents and students looking to access quality online learning experiences at home. There are a number of benefits to online GCSE tutoring, which we will explore below.


There’s scope for more flexibility in scheduling your child’s learning sessions with one-to-one online tutoring. You can arrange a time that works for your child and the tutor, meaning it can be at when is most convenient and your child isn’t squeezing it in amongst other commitments. This will help them get the most out of the online learning experience and feel prepared for learning.

Easily accessible

Online tutoring only needs your child, a computer, and a strong wi-fi connection, so there’s unlikely to be any delays. By contrast, in-person private tutoring might require you and your child or the tutor to travel and organise a suitable study space. There are so many easy-to-use online technologies available nowadays, it’s never been simpler to connect with others online.

Focus on a specific subject or topic

By using an online tutor, you can ensure your child has access to any resources they need for the subject they are struggling with, like English. Unlike if you go for group tutoring where they might cover a range of topics, a private online tutor will focus specifically on what your child needs help with to improve their knowledge on a certain topic, to improve their grades in that subject as a whole.

Where to find private English tutors

At My GCSE Tutor we have an increasing number of tutors who specialise in English and can help your child with their learning. You simply need to decide with your child which online tutor you’d like to go with and complete an enquiry form to organise a free meeting with that tutor.

If you and your child are happy after the initial meeting, your selected tutor will be in contact when payment has been made to plan the tutoring sessions. They will be there to provide support to both you and your child and are happy to answer any questions you have throughout the learning journey.