How can private tutoring help students?

There are several reasons why parents decide to pursue tutoring for their children. Some parents might feel they are unable to help their children with schoolwork. Others may know their children would be more receptive to another person taking a one-to-one approach to help them with their school struggles.

Online private tutoring can help to improve comprehension of a subject, boost confidence, and build important foundations and learning skills that children can use throughout their lives. We’ll be exploring the key benefits of private tutoring and how it helps students in this article.

What are the benefits of private tutoring?

Private tuition offers students personalised and focused attention that they won’t receive in their school classroom. This helps children who are struggling with specific topics and subjects to keep up and provide some extra work for those who aren’t challenged enough. Other important benefits of tutoring include:

Tailored and unique learning experience

Due to the one-to-one nature of private online tutoring, the tutor can really get to know the student they are teaching. Therefore, they can customise lessons and activities that will play to the child’s strengths and ways of learning to build their confidence and improve their understanding of any subject they might have found difficult at school. They can act as your child’s own personal teacher which for some students will be invaluable to their academic success and reaching their full potential.

Improving academic performance and study habits

Tutors for GCSE in particular, are vital for preparing students that are struggling with any subjects for their exams. When working with a tutor, it won’t just be your child’s grades that will improve, but their overall understanding of a topic too. Also, they will learn useful work and study habits that they can use throughout their life. This will enable them to achieve their goals both inside and outside of school.

Creating a better attitude towards learning

If they are finding schoolwork challenging, quite often children will switch off and form negative feelings towards school and learning. This frustration can lead to disruptive behaviours, which will only worsen the problem. Having an experienced teacher that understands them, how they learn, and breaking down their barriers to learning will help them engage better and make more positive associations with subjects they find difficult. With consistent encouragement and praise, your child won’t feel overwhelmed with school and improve their results.

Boosting self-esteem and overall mental wellbeing

Falling behind with schoolwork, especially at GCSE level is bound to have a detrimental effect on a child’s mental health. There’s a lot of stress and pressure surrounding GCSE exams and emotions are heightened for teenagers. Using an online GCSE tutor will help to improve your child’s confidence massively, giving them the resources and skills, they need to be successful in their exams. Online tuition gives your child an environment that’s free from distractions, with fewer students and disruptions around, so they can fully focus on their learning.

Overcoming obstacles to learning

There can be various obstacles that prevent a child from learning successfully. By building a bond with the child and encouraging them to ask questions and speak freely in a comfortable space, a tutor can get to the root of any issues that could be preventing them from being successful with their learning. Also, if there’s a specific topic, they are having trouble with the tutor can take extra time to go over it, unlike in a normal classroom.

Is private tutoring for GCSE right for my child?

Online private tutoring with My GCSE Tutor is available for all GCSE subjects, so no matter which subjects your child is struggling with, they can get the help they need from one of our experienced, specialist tutors. If you’ve been wondering ‘where can I find private tutoring near me?’ don’t worry. Our tutoring service is online so you can access a professional tutor for your child from anywhere and everywhere.

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