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About Matthew Paul Wilkinson

I have over 8 years of experience tutoring students privately within Functional Skills, GCSE, Common Entrance and IGcse exams with a high level of success. I have been successful in supporting learners with a range of learning needs to achieve their maths, including those with EHCPs and dyscalculia.

all tuition is conducted online, using my iPad and Apple Pencil to show methods in real time. my style of tutoring helps the learner build confidence in their abilities through understanding the why of maths concepts.

students are encouraged to talk through problems and apply appropriate solutions, helping them retain this information in long term memory. students are also encouraged to ask questions actively and I approach all learners personally and with a sense of humour. I try to gain a quick understanding of a learners way of thinking and develop a strategy with them to see quick progress in their maths skills.

HIGHLY EXPERIENCED MATHS TUTOR, focused on students who struggle with maths

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)DyscalculiaDyslexiaDyspraxia


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Find out more about Matthew Paul Wilkinson

Where did your interest in GCSE tutoring begin?

since I’ve started teaching I’ve always wanted to help people, private tutoring allows you to make significant impact with an individual to help them achieving. I feel very rewarded from tutoring maths as you get many lightbulb moments from learners. they appreciate the support they are receiving

What was it about your teaching subject that led you to online GCSE tutoring?

there is a big need for learners to have a solid understanding of maths before they enter further education or the workforce. I originally started tutoring locally but the appeal of online is that my reach went up significantly. I’ve been fortunate enough to teach students in other countries (New Zealand and switzerland) online tutoring in maths allows me to show exam based example questions in front of learners quickly and easily, lessons have become more impactful as a result

When choosing a tutor for GCSE, what qualities should a good tutor have?

a tutor should be able to communicate effectively with a child and aim to build rapport with the child very quickly. tutors should be able to explain concepts in different ways, and encourage a learner to try their best so they can achieve. tutors should be organised, ensuring they are aware of the child’s individual needs and should work with the child to plan targets so the student can see the progress they are making

How beneficial can a private tutor be when studying for GCSE?

an impactful private tutor can give a student a huge boost in confidence when preparing for their exams. gcse tutors (particularly with exam marking experience) can support students to think like an examiner and help them achieve a higher amount of marks within assessments.

What support do you provide as a GCSE Tutor?

I provide clear worked examples and methods for all my teaching in maths, this is presented live to learners through my iPad and Apple Pencil. I also try to discuss with learners their starting points in topics, often when I pose a question, I say to learners “it’s okay to say I don’t know” to remind them that I am there to support them in their acquisition of maths skills, rather than tell them they have done something wrong.

HIGHLY EXPERIENCED MATHS TUTOR, focused on students who struggle with maths

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)DyscalculiaDyslexiaDyspraxia