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About Paul

My name is Paul and I am a qualified teacher with over 20 years experience as a maths teacher. I have extensive and excellent subject knowledge coupled with a reputation for raising standards and achieving excellent Mathematics GCSE results. I am experienced at working with students who have had extended periods of time out of school. I foster positive working relationships with my students which builds confidence and leads to success.

I am a qualified teacher with over 20 years experience as a maths teacher.



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Where did your interest in GCSE tutoring begin?

As a former Maths teacher in various schools and Colleges, I’ve always thought class sizes were too large and it is too easy for students to hide or alternatively not have the confidence to admit they don’t understand a concept in front of myself or peers. It is also difficult to give enough attention individually in a class situation. I began tutoring individually or in small groups and have gained some impressive gains in performance and grades and know that it definitely works.

What was it about your teaching subject that led you to online GCSE tutoring?

I have 20 years experience of tutoring Maths individually or in small groups. I’ve always thought the online teaching of Mathematics would be effective, but many people are or were reluctant to try it. Lockdown forced my hand really and I began tutoring online on platforms such as zoom, bigbluebutton and Bramble. It certainly works and lends itself perfectly to the teaching and learning of Maths. Visually teaching number, shape, data or graphical concepts, I can share screens and engage the student in the process accordingly and quickly.

When choosing a tutor for GCSE, what qualities should a good tutor have?

Empathy with the students and their misconceptions, excellent subject knowledge, good people skills and strong communication skills. Patience, organisation and a good sense of humour are useful. An excellent track record of improving standards and raising expectation and results. Good knowledge of the various exam boards and associated past papers.

How beneficial can a private tutor be when studying for GCSE?

A private tutor can make an immeasurable difference to a student’s confidence in the subject. Gaining the trust of the student can result in a tremendous improvement in the GCSE grade outcome. I’ve taught students who have moved from a grade D to an A grade in the space of two months or similar. Once the weaker areas have been pinpointed, the topics can be addressed accordingly, and you can though things much quicker on an individual tutoring basis.

What support do you provide as a GCSE Tutor?

I provide past examination papers so that the student becomes familiar with the type and style of examination questioning. I build the student’s trust in me and the process, teach any required topic at the required pace and tailor my teaching to the student’s needs. I build confidence and have patience. Explain concepts clearly with examples relevant to the ability of the individual. Sometimes, it is necessary to go back to basic concepts, such times tables, pen and paper techniques they have not practised enough since Primary age.

I am a qualified teacher with over 20 years experience as a maths teacher.